Blue Horse Gallery Current Exhibition

B.E.S.T. of First Nations

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Blue Horse Gallery is honored to participate in the promotion and preservation of the rich heritage of First Nations’ culture by presenting their first annual Native Art Show entitled The B.E.S.T. of First Nations, expressions of beauty, eloquence, strength, tenacity. The show will hang in the gallery through November 26, 2010.

Artists participating in the show include: Connie Beck, Mary Bender, Tony Boyd, Jason Brown, Anthony Callaway, Nanette Christianson, Denise Emerson, Chloe French, Erin Genia, Pat Gold, Earline Hansen, Justin McCarthy, Charles Miller, Ramon Murillo, Neil Tall-eagle Parsons, Tanis S’eiltin, Michael Thomas, Jeffrey Veregge, Wave, Monty Yellow Bird, and Clarissa Young.

Below you can enjoy a few of the pieces featured in the exhibition.


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