Blue Horse Gallery Current Exhibition

Ship of Fools 2009

Posted in Uncategorized by lrhughes on April 3, 2009

It’s that time of year again. April brings the Ship of Fools to the Blue Horse Gallery.

This is one of the best!!!!! It takes over most of the gallery, in fact all but the inner gallery.

The work is quite varied, ranging from incredible sculpture to incredible paintings. The gallery of images below will give you a feel for what is in the show. Come see for yourself. The show will run through April 15.

Artist participating in the show include: Ed Bereal, Anita Boyle, Candace Buethorne, Ellen Clark, Joan Cross, Francis X, Helen Dorn, Mary Dudley, Antonio Gonzalez, Stella Hardan, Trish Harding, Charles Herrick, Karen Holman, George Jartos, Aili Kurtis, LaVera Langeman, Maren Larson, Erin Libby, Sandra Lucke, John Maddox, Christian Mey, James Richard Mey, Patricia Montgomery, Ramon Murillo, Thor Myre, Yvette Neumann, Tore Ofteness, Peregrine O’Gormley, Kenneth S. Osthimer, Keith Pace, Chris Romine, Tom Schlotterbach,Maryann Schmitt, Mary Starz, Donald Roy Thompson, Sara Todd, Ruthie V., Elena White, Jeffrey Yeager.





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